ABBC Foundation Finalizes Partnership With Korean Gaming Company Ubifun

ABBC Foundation announces big changes in their management, as Ubifun’s CEO Stanley Park joins the organization as the new Chief Technology Officer. ABBC continues to climb the ladder in the cryptocurrency industry and adds another member to its table.

The gaming world has always been in the mix with ABBC in the past, made plain through a breakthrough partnership with software development firm Zombie Soup. Their collaboration has revolutionized the way gamers are rewarded, specifically by tokenizing game assets. According to ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip, “this partnership with Zombie Soup proves yet again that ABBC Coin has a lot of potential in revolutionizing the payments sector, including the gaming industry.”

He acknowledged that there are many cryptocurrencies to choose from, yet Zombie Soup chose ABBC as one of its newest allies. With this partnership, ABBC Coin has formally cemented its name in the gaming industry.

Which brings us to the present. Stanley Park can only bring increased value to the company. Founded in 2002, Ubifun is a Korean game development company. It received an award from the Korean Association of Information and Telecommunication in 2008 for its top-notch games which include Low Baduk, Hoola, MatPoker and Forest of Puzzle. Since then they have been expanding to develop digital platforms other than mobile games. Aladdin25 has been in the works for a while now and is still in the testing phase. This shopping platform aims to become the first e-commerce platform to accept cryptocurrency as its payment method. Ubifun will be the official testing partner for Aladdin25.

“We are beaming with joy as we see all of our efforts come to fruition, exclaimed CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip. “It’s all coming together, and we cannot be more honored of collaborating with our South Korean brothers at UbiFun.”

He was also noted to be “exceedingly proud” in welcoming Stanley to the foundation, and he believes our new CTO’s vision meshes well with the foundation’s.

ABBC continues to add more companies to its super team, together with other companies like Lunar Digital Assets.The potential for the company only grows as each company is absorbed as well as the internal team increases in size.

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