Maximize Your Earnings With ABBC Trade Portal’s Referral Program


The ABBC Trade Portal empowers traders with an enticing opportunity to boost earnings. Users can trade ABBC Coin and reap 200% BSC-USD rewards, which will be distributed into their Aladdin Pro Wallets every week for a year.

But it doesn’t stop there!

The ABBC Foundation introduces an exciting offer through the ABBC Trade Portal’s Referral Program. By inviting friends to join the portal, users can earn up to 10% BSC-USD in referral rewards based on their friends’ trading activities.

Before we delve into the details of the referral program, please be informed that ABBC Trade Portal has been rewarding users since August 24, the beginning of this plan. However, the rewards distributed up to this point were in BUSD, but, in light of Binance’s recent decision to suspend withdrawals of Binance-pegged BUSD tokens, ABBC Trade will now be providing rewards in BSC-USD instead of BUSD.

Now, let’s get a comprehensive understanding of the ABBC Trade Referral Program through this detailed blog. 

Unveiling the Referral Program’s Levels

The Referral Program brings forth a tiered approach to rewards for users who refer friends to the ABBC Trade Portal.

  • Tier 1: In Tier 1, users are eligible to receive a 5% reward for every referral that subscribes to the ABBC Trade plan using their code. This is irrespective of the referral’s individual trade amount, as long as all the referrals collectively invest 50,000 BSC-USD.
  • Tier 2: To qualify for Tier 2 and access the 7% reward, users need a minimum of 5 referrals who collectively invest between 50,001 to 100,000 BSC-USD worth of ABBC.
  • Tier 3: Users aiming for Tier 3 and looking to secure a 10% reward require a minimum of 10 referrals, who collectively must invest more than 100,001 BSC-USD worth of ABBC.

Refer to the table below for a detailed illustration of the tiered referral program. 

TiersNo. of Referrals Trade AmountRewards 
Tier 1Minimum 1100 to 50,000 BSC-USD worth of ABBC 5%
Tier 2Minimum 550,001 to 100,000 BSC-USD worth of ABBC7%
Tier 3Minimum 10 More than 100,001 BSC-USD worth of ABBC10%

Register in the ABBC Trade Portal and reap the benefits like never before. 

It’s easy and rewarding!


  1. The referral program commences on 12-SEP-2023. Eligibility for rewards is limited to users who refer their friends and family after this date.

    However, users who have already attained eligibility for Tier 2 or Tier 3, will be placed in those respective Tiers, but the referral reward amount will be received from the next referrals they make.
  1. To qualify for Tier 2, firstly, you need at least 5 referrals who have collectively invested over 50,001 BSC-USD. You’ll start earning the 7% reward from your next referral after your existing referrals reach a total trade amount of 50,000 BSC-USD.

    Similarly, to reach Tier 3, you must have a minimum of 10 referrals whose combined trade amount exceed 100,001 BSC-USD. You’ll begin receiving the 10% reward after the referral following the one who reaches the 100,000 BSC-USD threshold.

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