ABBC Trade Plan Approaching 320M Milestone; Burn Event Of 300M ABBC Coin Commences

A big thanks to all the supporters of the ABBC Foundation!

We, at the ABBC Foundation are pleased to announce that the ABBC Trade Plan is rapidly approaching its target of 320 million ABBC Coins. Thanks to our dedicated community, we have come within reach of this milestone.

Our CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip extends his heartfelt thanks to the ABBC community for making this possible.

As announced previously, the ABBC Foundation is marking the Plan’s success with a scheduled burn of ABBC Coins to maximize the value in the ABBC ecosystem. After a careful analysis of our tokenomics, we have decided to burn 300 million ABBC coins.

The ABBC Trade Plan represents a strategic retrieval of the community’s ABBC coins through the use of the ABBC Foundation’s funds. The plan’s structure empowered users by offering BUSD rewards in exchange for ABBC coins.

We provide our users with exciting rewards and earning opportunities. Our opening rate was a wholesome 300% BUSD reward for every subscriber and the final reward rate is running at 240% BUSD. The rewards are distributed on a weekly basis for a period of 365 days.

We have also incentivized our users with referral reward systems and have offered them a user-friendly interface that enables them to instantly track and claim their BUSD rewards whenever they want, with top-tier security.

The ABBC Foundation cares equally about the asset and our users. By eliminating the 300 million ABBC Coins through an eater address, we are creating a safer, more robust and sustainable project economy.

Further details about the burn event will be announced soon, so stay tuned to our official channels for updates: Telegram Community Group.

We hope you are enjoying taking part in the ABBC Trade Plan as much as we enjoyed creating it. On behalf of everyone at the ABBC Foundation, we thank you for your unwavering support!

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