Official Announcement on Real Research Partnership with ABBC Foundation


The ABBC Foundation CEO Mr. Jason Daniel Paul Philip recently published a message to ABBC users on reaching a major milestone for the company.

Here are some of the key points of the message:

● ABBC Foundation partnered with the Real Research project
● This partnership allows ABBC Coin to be used as a reward coin in Real Research
● ABBC can acquire 1,000,000 users through this partnership

The full message can be found below.


Dear ABBC Community,

I hope you are all well and safe during this pandemic.

First of all, I would like to offer my thanks for supporting ABBC Coin continuously. We are very grateful to you for being an integral part of the growing ABBC community. Our team and the crypto market as a whole constantly goes through difficult challenges. But with your support, we believe that we can do many great things.

At ABBC Foundation, one of our core values is keeping our promises to our supporters. As promised, we now reached a major milestone that will push the ABBC project further toward new heights. I am glad to announce that we formed a partnership with the fastest-growing blockchain research platform called Real Research. The RR platform has 3,000,000 users and is still growing at a rapid pace due to its innovative value proposition.

This partnership allows ABBC Coin to be used as a survey reward coin within the Real Research platform. We believe that this will bring great benefits to the ABBC project. With this, ABBC will have the opportunity to reach millions of users around the world. We have estimated an increase of 1,000,000 users through this partnership alone.

Our team is consistently working to create an improved ecosystem for ABBC. This includes listing in more of the world’s top exchanges and making ABBC more accessible to people around the world. We believe that in the future, ABBC Coin will be used in many more real-world applications as we continue to work toward our goals.

We believe that reaching these milestones is only possible because of your continued support. We express our thanks, and we hope that you will keep on supporting us as we reach more of our goals.

With gratitude and joy,

Jason Daniel Paul Philip
ABBC Foundation CEO


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