ABBC Blockchain Developer Presents Multi-Factor Authentication Research at BSidesMunich

Last March 25, 2019, Muhammad Shahbaz, a Blockchain Developer at ABBC Foundation presented his research titled SmartAuth: Multi-Factor Authentication using Smart Card and Android on Web. The event was called BSidesMunich — the premiere, independently organized computer security event in Germany, bringing together both local and internationally renowned experts.

In the presentation, Shahbaz discussed the following topics:

  • The importance of a secure authentication to protect resources of a system from unauthorized entities
  • The security of passwords and the shortcomings of knowledge-based authentication
  • The importance of defense
  • The popular two-factor or multi-factor authentication schemes
  • A proposed solution for multi-factor authentication using smart card and android on web
  • The architecture and design of the proposed solution in different applications including corporate applications, financial applications, and Blockchain
  • Additional layer of security using smart card

He concluded the presentation by presenting a proof of concept demo video of the proposed solution. Shahbaz was very delighted to share his knowledge to the participants of the event. According to Shahbaz, he really enjoyed the experience, and he is looking forward to doing more presentations like this.

Shahbaz is very knowledgeable and passionate about cybersecurity, and he believes that Blockchain technology can give businesses more security.

He mentioned that “in cybersecurity, the Blockchain technology gives businesses more security with authentication, advance confidentiality, data integrity and improved PKI.”

He added that “integration of Blockchain into decentralized solutions provides better performance in terms of availability and protects against threats like DDoS.”

About Muhammad Shabaz

Muhammad Shahbaz is a Blockchain Developer at ABBC Payment Services Provider. He has a master’s degree in information security and an electrical engineer with full stack development experience. He has identified vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications and contributed to open source projects. He has published his research papers in IJCSSE journal.

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