Aladdin Wallet Goes Live!

The Aladdin Wallet app — the upgraded version of the ABBC MC Wallet — is now available to download via Google Play Store!

Aladdin Wallet is a multi-platform and multi-currency digital asset wallet designed to revolutionize crypto transactions through its built-in chat messaging function. With a simple, user-friendly, fast, and reliable platform, Aladdin Wallet ensures a seamless crypto experience suitable for everyone. It will initially support ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, EOS, among other cryptocurrencies and will soon add more coins and tokens in the near future.

Amazing Features

The Aladdin Wallet app has a unique inbox feature where users are allowed to make cryptocurrency transactions within a conversation. With this, sending cryptocurrencies can be accomplished as casually as sending a chat message to your peers.

Our operating teams situated around the world are working hard to provide stable and secure wallet services. We have professionals dedicated to monitoring every crypto transaction, at the same time keeping a lookout for possible security threats. In line with these security measures, the wallet dashboard could be protected by its own wallet pin code or biometrics to avoid hacking and manipulation issues.

Along with our chat messaging feature, we are always open to innovation. We will be integrating new technologies and solutions to provide better process payment options to our users.

In line with the launch of ABBC’s shopping mall platform, our users will be able to use ABBC Coin and other cryptos via the Aladdin Wallet in purchasing the cheapest online items to be shipped as soon as possible.

Currently, the Aladdin Wallet app has more than 2,000 downloads with a 4.2 rating.

Get your Aladdin Wallet app now!

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