ABBC Exclusive: Interview with CEO Jason

ABBC Foundation has established itself in late 2017. Now reaching its second year, a lot of changes has happened that made ABBC Coin consistently strive its way to the top and deliver its innovative projects according to plan.

ABBC Coin Exclusive Interview with CEO
ABBC Exclusive: Interview with CEO Jason

As massive upgrades have recently been made to ABBC’s Generation 2 blockchain, ABBC looks promising than ever. With a more capable and efficient network that is focused more on giving security to the community, users and merchants alike, are offered a platform suited for their needs. Alongside this, revolutionary projects like Buyaladdin are underway — making ABBC live up to the expectations of its supporters.

With things leaning on the bright side, we were privileged to get an exclusive sit-down interview with CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip. As the team worked relentlessly in making things happen, he was more than happy to give us his time and share to us what ABBC is like behind the curtains.

ABBC is turning two this year. How has it been for you and the team?

Honestly, it has been a surreal experience. The two years seem to have gone by so fast, but it did not go by like a piece of cake. We might have faced a few bumps along the road but I believe that we have managed to stand by our vision and deliver services and projects for our lovely supporters. I am proud of the whole team as they stepped up to the challenges thrown in our way.

How did ABBC make transitions from 2017 up until present?

From the beginning, we have this mindset to make an impact on the current system. All our efforts and perseverance are focused on that, so the “Future of Payment Security” came to life. We began with the basics — having a hybrid blockchain, own multi-currency wallet, and our own crypto. We never stopped developing. We always wanted to give what’s best to our users so, from the basics, we have upgraded to a DPoS-powered blockchain and a non-custodial wallet. Not to mention that ABBC Coin is consistently on the top of the crypto market, as well.

What’s in store in ABBC Generation 2.0?

Just in time for our second year, we have emerged to the Generation 2.0 era of ABBC. We are now highlighting the opportunity for business merchants to utilize our platform. The DPoS blockchain can handle 5,000 transactions per second and will be further scalable as we progress. As customers continue to increase and delve into e-shopping more than before, ABBC can provide benefits that could conveniently improve the selling and buying experience for everyone.

Who are your target prospects and why?

Crypto users, retailers, small and medium enterprises, advertisers. These are just some of our primary targets. Our team of developers wanted a platform that could be mutually advantageous for the e-commerce participants, and that’s what ABBC is planning to achieve. We are now all becoming digital natives and there’s no turning back from it. As the digital market grows, so does the transactions and blockchain technology will manifest, sooner than later.

Do you think ABBC will remain as one of the leading cryptos in the market?

I am not a fortune teller and I don’t want to claim our spot in the coming years. But all I know for sure is that ABBC will pursue in building a decentralized and secure network that will be beneficial for individuals and merchants. We will go ahead of others by keeping ourselves open to necessary changes and bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and online business. With this comes my hope and belief that we can remain as a good competitor among other altcoins in the market.

What can you offer to your community of supporters and users in the following years?

The ABBC team can offer you a pledge of commitment as we work toward improving our technology, business plan, and international scope of vision. We will make every possible effort to deliver all of these to make you more confident in the potential of crypto and blockchain. Today, we might seem small in the middle of the crypto sphere, but years from now, we will stand out among the rest as ABBC will continue to prosper its way to the mainstream world.

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