ABBC Coin Listing on Hotbit

A new partner exchange is now here!

ABBC Coin is now available on Hotbit. Standing as one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, Hotbit proves to be a highly efficient, flexible, diverse, steady, and secure platform for cryptocurrency traders around the world.

ABBC Coin is thrilled to announce another exchange listing for 2020.

  • Deposit: February 11, 2020, 4:00 PM (GMT +8)
  • Trading: February 12, 2020, 4:00 PM (GMT +8)
  • Trading pairs: ABBC/BTC, ABBC/ETH, ABBC/USDT
ABBC Coin Listing on Digifinex
ABBC Coin Listing on HOTBIT

Joining the cryptocurrency industry in January 2018, Hotbit was registered in Hong Kong and Estonia. Its core team members are from China, the USA, and Taiwan as the company’s headquarters is currently located in Shanghai and Taipei.

The Hotbit team aims to become the Amazon within the blockchain industry. The group believes that cryptocurrency assets are set to reform the global financial system through a more efficient asset circulation, fairer resource distribution, and transparent trading processes. Notably, Hotbit has more than 600 active markets at present. The platform introduces and lists trustworthy digital currencies on a regular basis.

With a built-in artificial market-market digital engine, Hotbit meets Wall Street industrial standards and provides non-stop asset support with high liquidity. Moreover, the platform implements a multi-node and multimodular structure that ensures scalability and better service to the active platform users.

Hotbit has gathered more than 500,000 registered users from over 170 countries. Focused on building a robust security management system, the internal security audit team provides 24/7 real-time service for all users. In parallel with this, Hotbit holds a zero loss record for any of its user assets.

To cater to the convenience of crypto users, Hotbit developed and launched the LazyMode which intends to instantly exchange two types of tokens. Through this method, the best exchange rate available in the current market will be calculated based on the value and number of tokens that the user intends to exchange. Furthermore, Hotbit was the pioneer crypto exchange that offers daily current deposit interests without any token lockup or freeze.

The ABBC team continuously strives to bring the ABBC Coin value into its customers seamlessly. By partnering with Hotbit, ABBC Coin traders and supporters can have the assurance that their assets will be kept secured at all times and their trading activities will not be compromised.

Hotbit Summary

  • Exchange Name: Hotbit
  • Native Token: Hotbit Token (HTB)
  • Date of Launch: January 2018
  • HQ Location: Shanghai and Taipei
  • Supported cryptos (including but not limited to the ff.): BTC, ETH, ATOM, IRIS, USDT, VSYS
  • Tokenncoin Exchange Ranking (Adjusted Volume, at the time of writing): 8

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