ABBC Coin Listing on DigiFinex

We are excited to announce the newest partner exchange of ABBC Coin!

ABBC Coin is now listed on DigiFinex. Deposit opens today, at 11:00 AM (GMT+8), while trading and withdrawal begins tomorrow, September 17, 2019.

DigiFinex is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform owned by the DigiFinex Limited., with headquarters located in Singapore. The team that founded the company is a group of blockchain enthusiasts that came from well-known establishments like Xunlie, Tencent, Baidu, and HP.

ABBC Coin Listing on Digifinex
ABBC Coin Listing on Digifinex

When it started its operations in 2017, DigiFinex led a more innovative approach to Singapore’s prosperous business landscape — not to mention that the Southeast Asian country also advocates cryptocurrency and blockchain. In fact, in 2018, Singapore finalized its regulatory framework for crypto payment services.

As per the developers, one of the platform’s highlights is the high level of security and safety that DigiFinex provides to its users. Aside from that, the platform also ensures real-time accounting and transaction processing which offers instant availability to all the transactions made by the user using the platform. This can help users to check and monitor their funds without hassle.

Moreover, DigiFinex has a decent trading fee of only 20% of the transaction size. The fees apply to both market creators and buyers. To make sure that the platform provides the highest level of user satisfaction, the platform has provided a professional and meticulous customer service that is on 24/7 standby in providing assistance.

DigiFinex Summary:

  • Exchange Name: DigiFinex
  • Native Token: DigiFinex Token (DFT)
  • Co-Founder: Kiana Shek
  • Date of Launch: October 2017
  • HQ Location: Singapore
  • Trading Pairs: BTC/ETH/EOS/TRX

CoinMarketCap Exchange Ranking by Trade Volume (as of the time of writing): 9

Through DigiFinex, open and transparent market information is available to help crypto traders plan their next investments. As the platform has a US SEC Level audit system, it also ensures a safe and stable trading environment for all. ABBC Foundation continues to revolutionize its technology to provide convenience to more crypto users worldwide. Through the partnership with DigiFinex, ABBC can widen up its coverage on delivering secure and hassle-free transactions to all ABBC Coin holders.

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