ABBC Foundation Celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day 2019

April 21 will be a momentous day for the rest of the world, and ABBC Foundation supports the celebration of the World Creativity and Innovation Day #WCID. This event, which is spearheaded by the United Nations, is being participated in by scores of organizations in their own unique ways.

As for ABBC, the company expresses its passion for creativity and innovation by sharing its vision and platform to improve the conditions of our society. ABBC does this through developments in the online payments sector. With the use of blockchain technology, ABBC is creating systems which can streamline online transactions and improve the security of its users, both by providing a reliable payment method, and by protecting their privacy.

ABBC at Future Blockchain Summit 2019

Caption: Picture taken when ABBC Foundation team members participated in the Future Blockchain Summit 2019.

ABBC accepts the invitation by the United Nations, as expressed in the #WCID page to “embrace the idea that innovation is essential for harnessing the economic potential of nations.” Despite challenges, the foundation is moving forward with the integration of the facial recognition feature to its multi-crypto wallet. Also, it is already collaborating with its partners to launch its online shopping mall, which will accept other cryptocurrencies aside from ABBC Coin.

Alongside channeling its resources to innovation, ABBC Foundation is also devoting its time to developing other use cases for our technology to benefit other industries, some of which will be disclosed in the future. The foundation is keen on collaborating with other like-minded personalities and organizations to come up with innovative solutions to problems, both new and old.

ABBC Foundation has been to various charity events in the UAE to prove its sincerest concern for the improvement of the country, especially those events that empower the women, children, and the youth. The foundation believes that the future belongs to them, as much as they belong to everyone of us, that is why it is taking pains to make sure that its technological progress will contribute to their utmost betterment.

This day is also the culmination of the World Creativity and Innovation Week, which began on April 15, in honor of Leonardo da Vinci. And the foundation remembers the legacy that da Vinci has left, and draws strength and inspiration from him to become “people of accomplishment,” who, according to him, “rarely sat back and let things happen to them; they went out and happened to things.”

ABBC Foundation will strive to not just happen to things, even though that would already be too noble a goal. Instead, the foundation will take its place in the crypto space, defying odds and disrupting the e-commerce industry. Slowly, surely, with one foot over the other, ABBC Foundation will make things happen.

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