Users Can Now Earn 240% BUSD Rewards with ABBC Trade Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest portal, the ABBC Trade. In ABBC Trade, users who trade their coins can earn 240% in BUSD rewards in 365 days, which can be withdrawn every 7 days through Aladdin Pro Wallet

Moreover, a user can trade ABBC coins worth a minimum of 100 BUSD with no maximum limit, making it accessible for everyone.

What’s more exciting about the ABBC Trade portal is that users can invite their friends to open an account using a referral code and gain 10% BUSD referral rewards each time an invitee subscribes to a plan. As a bonus, we are planning to implement a Bonanza event every month in which one lucky winner with an active ABBC Trade plan will have the chance to double the amount traded on their plan.

The ABBC Trade aims to be a fast, efficient, and secure trading portal. It allows users to track all the BUSD rewards they have earned which they are entitled to claim immediately at any time. 

With the ABBC Foundation’s aim to be the future of payment security, it assures its users to keep all the data private and secure. That is why in order to create an account, KYC verification must be completed. Users must submit a scanned copy of their passport or a government-issued photo ID as well as a selfie with their passport or photo ID in one hand, and a piece of paper with the current date and “#ABBCCoin” written on the other hand. Once their application has been reviewed and approved by the ABBC Foundation admins, they can begin trading ABBC coins immediately. 

Cryptocurrencies are currently garnering a great deal of attention from both financial institutions and individual investors. Due to the fact that cryptocurrency is a world full of opportunities to earn money, it is possible to profit when buying, selling, or even trading cryptocurrencies if one employs a sound trading strategy.

We ensure to provide our ever-supportive ABBC community with the most recent technological advancements and fascinating projects in the crypto and blockchain space. More information can be found in the ABBC Trade user manual.

Get all the latest updates on our upcoming projects by following our social media accounts and Telegram channel. For any inquiries, you can reach out to the ABBC support team at [email protected].

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