The Art of Giving – a look back at ABBC Charity Memories

On May 24, 2019, ABBC Foundation will honor Zayed Humanitarian Work Day (Love and Loyalty for Zayed Giving) by funding and participating in a charity event at Shabab Al Ahli Club. Partnering with the General Department of Protective Security & Emergency and Shabab Al Ahli Club,ABBC celebrates the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed especially in caring for the less privileged members of our society.

In ABBC Foundation, we practice the culture of giving. We encourage our staff to give and care for others as this is a huge part of who we are as a company. The company has engaged in many memorable charity events in the past that really taught us the value of giving. In celebration of Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, join us as we take a hearty trip down memory lane and recall once more how the participants warmed our hearts as we gave back to the community for the love and support for ABBC Foundation.

World Reading Festival

Kids are the hope of our world. We need to teach them the value of reading and gaining new knowledge. That is why we partnered with El Tatweer Kindergarten and Shabab Al Ahli Club in initiating a charity event for the World Reading Festival. The initiative was held on March 12, 2018 in Deira, Dubai, and participated in by Emirati kids. We gave gifts to them, and we joined them in appreciating the value of reading books.

There were lots of fun activities to be mentioned during the event, but the best part was the time when we joined the kids in reading their favorite stories. Not only did we have fun by putting smiles on their faces and igniting their sense of awe and imagination; they also did the same to us. They reminded us that we are not too old to dream and to pursue our goals.

El Tatweer Kindergarten students are all ears during the storytelling portion at the World Reading Day 2018.

Zayed’s Sons Sports Day

We are very privileged to have grown up with our families. We smelled the love of our moms as we crunched through our breakfast toast, and we felt the protection of our fathers as we grew up with dignity and courage. But not everyone experienced that.

That is why we collaborated with the Community Service Section of the Al-Ahli Youth Club to celebrate family and collaboration through the Zayed’s Sons Sports Day. This is a humanitarian sports activity for orphans affiliated with the said club who are called “Zayed’s Sons.” This was held on April 22, 2018, at the Shabab Al Ahli Football Academy.

During the event, the Director of the Academy for Football Dr. Moussa Abbas delivered a speech, and we sat down to listen to him as he told us about the essence of that day. We were also starstruck by the presence of Emirati actors Abdullah Bouabed and Abdullah Jafali as they made our participants feel that they are part of a family bound not by blood, but by love.

Zeeshan Butt, blockchain developer from ABBC Foundation, lifts up one of Zayed’s Sons during the Sports Day.

Mair Ramadani

Locally known in the UAE as Almair Al Ramadani, this is a special event practiced by Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. We collaborated again with Shabab Al Ahli Football Club to provide a feast for the down-and-out members of the society, specifically the orphans affiliated with the said club.

It was a simple gathering: members of our foundation worked together with our partners to arrange the venue and to give gifts to our participants. As we were distributing food to our guests, we couldn’t help but notice their faces beaming with joy. That was priceless to us.

We realized during the event that it is through giving that we become more aware of how blessed we are. While half the world is starving, we are able to eat anything we choose. The mere fact that we were able to distribute food to our participants was enough reason for us to be more appreciative of the things we possess.

As we bade goodbye to our guests, we couldn’t help but wonder about who left the event more satisfied: our guests’ stomach, or our hearts, which were brimming with appreciation and love. Now that we thought about it once more, we were convinced it was the latter.

These smiles painted on the faces of our participants at Mair Ramadani keep us motivated to do more for the ABBC community.

Thukher Social Club

At ABBC Foundation, we believe that for a society to flourish, we must take care of all its members, including the elderly. That is why we visited the Thukher Social Club in Barsha, Dubai last May 17, 2018 to spend meaningful time with them. We initiated this event to honor the spirit of Ramadan. In partnership with the said club and the Shabab Al Ahli Club, we organized the event in honor of their efforts to shape this world in a better form than it was during their prime.

We joined them in a joyous feast which was prepared by our foundation and our partners. The hall reverberated with laughter as we cracked jokes. We also listened to them as they gave timeless advice.

Indeed, the elderly are still important persons in our society, and it would be a shame to think their experiences and insights wouldn’t be able to improve our present systems. After all, they did the groundwork, and we owe it to them to improve our society even more.

As we left the venue area, we couldn’t help but feel the burning desire in our hearts to further improve ABBC Coin and help usher in a better payment system and technology.

We owe a ton of thanks to these Emirati gentlemen for the fun and insightful visit at the Thukher Social Club. We drink to your health!

The International Day of Happiness

This is our latest charity initiative prior to the event tomorrow. In celebration of the International Day of Happiness last March 20, 2019, we gave out “Happiness Gifts” to around 270 Emirati kids. These children are enrolled at the Nadd Al Hamar (formerly Al Baraa) Kindergarten, which is one of our partners for the event.

We didn’t expect much prior to the event. And much to our surprise, we were met by arguably the rowdiest group of participants ever — imagine listening to 270 kids shouting and laughing at the same time! We made them sit as we cut a huge cake to celebrate the day. As if remembering the kids in us, our organizers jumped and giggled in delight as we were being given portions of the cake, together with our cutesy little participants.

The event hall was bursting with vibrant colors. Many participants were wearing costumes, some were playing with toys of all shapes and sizes, but the most prominent hue was probably white — the color of the kids’ smiles.

These kids from the Nadd Al Hamar Kindergarten had no idea how the day would turn out (spoilers: it turned out really fun!)

We would love to take the opportunity to host and sponsor more charity events. We also hope to achieve more milestones with you. Given this opportunity, we at ABBC Foundation express our utmost gratitude for your support. Many of you have been with us from the start, and we hope that more will join the ever-growing ABBC community in the coming months and years.

See you tomorrow , May 24, at the Shabab Al Ahli Club along Al Nahda St., near Al Mulla Plaza, Al Qusais, Dubai!

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