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ABBC smart city

By 2020, the number of smart cities will reach 600 worldwide, and 5 years later almost 60 percent of the world’s GDP will be coming from them. Many nations are already coming to terms with this reality and have started implementing smart technologies in their own domains including India, Spain, the Netherlands, and Dubai. This information is according to a report published by the McKinsey Global Institute.

As the world gets inclined to modern technologies, people want convenience among everything else. With everything now on digital, ABBC offers assets, wallet services, and shopping mall platform accessible for everyone. Through these services, ABBC contributes to a smarter and transformed economy for all.

By definition, a smart city is a framework for addressing the unique challenges of urbanization by combining new technology, advanced urban planning, energy and transportation management, and business planning. Smart cities bring together infrastructure and technology to improve the quality of life of citizens and enhance their interactions with one another.

Introducing Smart Crypto City

One significant project that comes up with relation to the concept of ‘smart city’ came from Smart Crypto City expert Bruce Jeong. The main purpose of ‘smart crypto city’ technology is to enable cities to interact directly with the society and its infrastructure. With the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Information Communications Technology (ICT), monitoring of the city’s development and people’s state of affairs could be done conveniently.

Smart contracts — which allow credible agreements without third parties — could also be done through blockchain. This will make money transfers, intellectual property, certificate authentications, and insurance, among others be safer, cheaper, and faster.

Alongside this, the local currency will be based on the blockchain network. Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies will be implemented within the smart ecosystem for a more transparent, secure, and efficient means of payment transactions. ABBC Coin aims to do the same by revolutionizing the e-Commerce landscape.

e-Commerce Within Smart Economy

Blockchain transformed the e-Commerce perspective into a decentralized marketplace. This is an emerging phenomenon that could be strongly adapted in future smart cities. Though the smart city approach does not primarily refer to the online shopping system, it is still one of the deciding factors in escalating the productivity of a renewed ‘smart economy.’

With the purpose of mass adoption, usability, community-building, and sustainability, the e-Commerce platform has been dramatically transformed. Through crypto payments, wallet services, and partnerships with other major retailers, ABBC contributes to the integration of digital currencies within the scope of smart cities.

Having its facial recognition technology feature, ABBC Coin users can make online transactions with convenience. The decentralized network behind this crypto project also ensures a secure, transparent, verifiable, and impenetrable system fit for the modern-day era where hacks, frauds, and stolen assets are apparent.

ABBC Coin as Economic Solution

The ABBC team has been working vigorously to make its vision of revolutionizing the e-Commerce scene happen. In line with this was the recent launch of ABBC’s Shopping Mall platform that will integrate ABBC’s payment system. Here, users will be able to use ABBC Coin to purchase the cheapest and fastest shippable items available on leading online retailers around the world like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Rakuten, and Walmart.

Users can now utilize their ABBC Coin for a better, more convenient, and cheaper online shopping experience. Relatively, the improved Aladdin Wallet app can be used in storing and sending cryptocurrencies with less hassle through the integrated chat messaging feature. With the fast-paced nature of today’s era, having a platform that makes transactions smarter is necessary — and ABBC makes it possible.

In the light of technological advancements, cities get smarter which makes them more livable and more responsive to people’s wants and needs. ABBC is committed to delivering the best services possible for the e-Commerce setting and FinTech industry. The benefits of ABBC’s project will make our customers’ lives easier, and more are in store in the near future. As smart cities become more prominent in the coming years, ABBC will also continue its efforts to become one of the primary cryptocurrencies in the market.

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