Official Announcement Regarding ABBC Coin Airdrop Eligibility

ABBC Airdrop Eligibility

Disclaimer: This announcement is only for ABBC Coin Airdrop Event. This does NOT include the separate airdrop for ABBC Cash.

Beloved ABBC Coin Users and Supporters,

I would like to thank you for your continuous support for ABBC Coin and for being part of our growing community. We went through seemingly insurmountable challenges but you stuck through with us. For this, I am truly grateful.

Just as in any organization, crypto or not, the ABBC Team experiences technical issues and miscommunications from time to time. And while we strive to assist users to the best of our abilities, there are still many factors that affect us, inevitably causing such issues to arise.

One pressing issue is the ABBC Coin Airdrop Event, which was held last July 2018. We have been receiving comments from users across our different social media channels regarding unpaid airdrop rewards. For the information of those who were not with us during the event, our foundation held an airdrop event, in which we promised to distribute 100 ABBC Coins to the first 500,000 users who participated in it. We created this event as a way to thank the entire crypto community for the warm welcome we have received since our official launch.

We want you to know that we have heard you, and that we are settling the matter in this announcement, once and for all.

We want to tell everybody that everyone who was eligible for the airdrop coins already received their rewards.

For those who still haven’t received it, we have provided a detailed explanation at the succeeding parts of this announcement. We ask that you read them carefully so that there will be no more misunderstandings about the airdrop.

Eligibility Requirements for Airdrop Coins

  • Users must complete the KYC requirements
  • Users must have an MC wallet application
  • Users must have the MC Wallet ABBC address
  • Users must provide valid email address
  • Users must provide valid phone number
  • Email and wallet address must only be used once (duplicate/identical email is not allowed)
  • Name in the registration should be the same as passport name
  • Users must complete the wallet transfer process in the ABBC Airdrop Event website
  • Scanned passport or ID picture must be clear
  • Passport or ID picture should be properly uploaded in the appropriate tab
  • Selfie picture must be clear
  • Selfie picture must be uploaded in the selfie tab

Reasons Why You Didn’t Receive Airdrop Coins

  • You were not able to complete the KYC requirements
  • Our systems have detected suspicious activity associated with your email
  • You have provided an invalid email address
  • Someone else used your email to register
  • You have provided an invalid phone number
  • Someone else used your phone number to register
  • You have mistyped some information on the airdrop event website
  • Your application name is not consistent with your passport name
  • Someone else used your credentials to claim the coins on your behalf
  • You are a resident of countries which ban the use of cryptocurrencies
  • You have uploaded your selfie image in the passport / ID image tab
  • You have uploaded your passport or ID image in the selfie image tab
  • There were some typographical mistakes in the MC wallet ABBC address that you have provided

Please note that if a single requirement has not been met, you are disqualified from the event and therefore not eligible to receive the airdrop coins.

We hope that this clarifies all the issues related to the ABBC Airdrop Event. We thank everyone who participated, and we look forward to your participation in our future events.

With gratitude and joy,

Jason Daniel Paul Philip


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