Launch of Buyaladdin Crypto Payment Shopping Mall by ABBC Foundation

Buyaladdin, an online shopping mall where transactions are solely conducted in cryptocurrencies, will be launching globally soon under ABBC Foundation. In addition to buying and selling products, users can also list their own items. This cryptocurrency-based shopping platform will change how the eCommerce shopping platform will work in the future.

ABBC Foundation’s CEO Jason Daniel is ecstatic ahead of the launch of this shopping platform. When sharing his enthusiasm, he said:

Launching Buyaladdin has always been one of our grandest goals, and the service is one of the core segments in the ever-growing ABBC ecosystem. For many years, we have been working tirelessly to perfect Buyaladdin and make it available globally. With Buyaladdin, we aim to showcase a user-friendly shopping application that accepts leading cryptocurrencies alongside our very own ABBC.

Additionally, CEO Jason Daniel announced that 1 ABBC will equal $100 when shopping at Buyaladdin, making shopping easier and accessible for all crypto savvies. This innovative shopping platform will be accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and ABBC Coin (ABBC). For more user convenience, shoppers can pay with cryptocurrency even from their mobile phones when using Buyaladdin.

In addition to letting users use cryptocurrency to purchase a vast array of items, Buyaladdin will also allow users to sell their own items for cryptocurrency to a global audience. Anyone can sell pre-loved products through live streaming on this eCommerce platform. The resources indicate that it provides an opportunity for laypersons, entrepreneurs, and upcoming brands to be sellers, helping them maximize their profits. This will also provide users the opportunity to shop high-end and local products using cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes.

This will be a great opportunity for beginners to learn the buying and selling of numerous kinds of goods where they can safely purchase and sell products and establish a brand name within no time. The platform also provides seasoned retailers with a new and different e-commerce experience with the integration of modern technology.

Moreover, Buyaladdin will be a vital part of the ABBC ecosystem. Buyaladdin will join Aladdin Wallet, Aladdin Pro Wallet, Real Research, and DOMINO Decentralized Exchange in growing the ABBC brand. Just like DOMINO DEX and the rest of its definitive services, Buyaladdin will provide a top-notch user experience not only to tech and crypto enthusiasts but also to first-time holders of digital assets who are looking for a fast, reliable, and secure online shopping experience. Notably, the ABBC Foundation built this ecosystem through ABBC Coin, which powers this entire blockchain ecosystem.

ABBC has recently launched DOMINO DEX, a new generation decentralized exchange with user-friendly features and a minimal fee for traders. The core features of DOMINO DEX include no sign-up requirement, minimal trading fee, anonymity, and a user-friendly interface among other things. The DEX supports new and rising tokens and promises to provide a seamless cryptocurrency trading experience.

The launching date for the Buyaladdin shopping platform is yet to be revealed. For now, users can follow ABBC Foundation’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram for any news and updates. Stay tuned!

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