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How To Swap ABBC to Polygon ABBC (MABBC)

How To Swap ABBC to Polygon ABBC (MABBC)

Through the ABBC swap portal, users can easily move their ABBC Coins into Polygon ABBC. Users have the option to convert it into the token standard of their choice from any of the supported blockchains from the world’s top networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.

Anyone can swap their ABBC privately and safely with the most profitable rates. The ABBC swap portal is easy-to-use and enables you to convert instantly.  Once you have set up your MetaMask, you can now proceed to swap. 

One network you can exchange your ABBC with is Polygon. As a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform, Polygon allows developers to build scalable and user-friendly DApps at low transaction fees without ever compromising on security.

To swap your ABBC to Polygon ABBC (MABBC), perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the amount of ABBC you wish to trade for MABBC.
  1. Check the gas fee required then subtract the gas fee from the amount of ABBC you will receive. Input a higher amount than the gas fee requires.
  1. Click the SWAP button. 
  1. Copy the ABBC master wallet address (“abblockacnt”), the exact amount, and the Memo to your Aladdin or Aladdin Pro wallet applications. There are two options for this to be done. The first option is to manually copy and paste the amount, ABBC address, and memo into your Aladdin or Aladdin Pro wallet applications. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code and your Aladdin or Aladdin Pro wallet app will automatically display the master wallet address and the exact amount. The Memo must still be provided, however. You can now proceed and send the transaction. 
  1. Press the “Send” button. 
  1. Finally, copy the Transaction ID (TXID) and paste it onto the ABBC Swap page. The Request ID will be provided to you once the transaction has been completed. You will need your Request ID to check the status of your swap request.

Swapping Polygon ABBC (MABBC) to Mainnet ABBC:

  1. Enter the amount of MABBC that you wish to swap back to ABBC. 
  1. Provide your ABBC mainnet address as the receiving address. You can find it on your Aladdin Wallet or Aladdin Pro wallet app. 
  1. Click the SWAP button once done. 
  1. Open your MetaMask wallet and select the custom token MABBC.
  1. Enter the following MABBC master wallet address: 0xAe4799e0CA4C1AC972932a448D7F3dbB205Baf5B. Always copy the correct wallet address. 
  1. Click SEND and enter the amount of ABBC that you want to swap.
  1. In your MetaMask, you will find the TXID you will be using to submit your swap request. Copy the TXID, paste it on the ABBC Swap portal, and click Submit.
  1. As soon as you complete your transaction, you will be given a Request ID. Keep a copy of the Request ID as you need it to check your swap request’s status.

The ABBC swap portal is fast, interoperable, and secure, so users can swap their ABBC among multiple networks with ease. More details can be found in this manual:

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