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How To Swap ABBC to Ethereum ABBC (WABBC)

How To Swap ABBC To Ethereum ABBC (WABBC)

ABBC Swap is a platform that provides the ABBC community with an easy way to exchange ABBC coins. 

It is available on both PC and mobile devices. If you are using the PC browser version, your MetaMask Ethereum wallet address will be automatically fetched by the system. However, if you are using the mobile version, you will need to input your wallet address manually.

You can also open your MetaMask app on your mobile device and use the in-app browser when using ABBC Swap. Simply paste ABBC Swap’s website URL in the space provided. If you use this feature, your MetaMask Ethereum wallet will be automatically connected to ABBC Swap.

Given that crypto exchanges have different fees and policies regarding the deposit and withdrawal of assets, we highly recommend that you use your Aladdin Pro or Aladdin Wallets account to ensure a safe and successful transaction on ABBC Swap.

Once you have connected your MetaMask wallet (after adding the Ethereum mainnet and the WABBC customized token), you can initiate the swap process from ABBC to WABBC. 

Here’s a guide on how to convert ABBC for Ethereum ABBC (WABBC): 

  1. Enter the amount of ABBC you wish to swap for WABBC.
  1. Check the gas fee required then subtract the gas fee from the amount of ABBC you will receive. Take note that you should provide a higher input amount than required for the gas fee.
  1. Click the SWAP button. 
  1. Copy the exact amount, ABBC master wallet address (“abblockacnt”), and Memo to your Aladdin or Aladdin Pro wallet applications. There are two options for this to be done. The first option is to copy the exact amount, ABBC master wallet address, and Memo manually and paste them on your Aladdin or Aladdin Pro wallet application. 

The other option is to scan the QR code in which the master wallet address and the exact amount will automatically be provided on your Aladdin and Aladdin Pro wallet app. However, you will still be asked to provide the Memo. After following this step, you can proceed and send the transaction. 

  1. Press the “Send” button. 
  1. Lastly, in order to submit your swap, copy the Transaction ID (TXID) and paste it onto the ABBC Swap page. As soon as you complete the transaction, you will receive a Request ID. Keep a copy of your Request ID as you need it to check your swap request’s status.

How to Swap From Ethereum ABBC (WABBC) to Mainnet ABBC

  1. Enter the amount of WABBC that you wish to swap back to ABBC. 
  1. Provide the receiving address which should be your ABBC mainnet address. You can find it on your Aladdin Wallet or Aladdin Pro wallet app. 
  1. Click the SWAP button once done. 
  1. Open your MetaMask wallet and select the custom token WABBC.
  1. Enter the following WABBC master wallet address: 0xAe4799e0CA4C1AC972932a448D7F3dbB205Baf5B. Make sure to copy the correct wallet address. 
  1. Press SEND and enter the exact amount of ABBC that you wish to swap.
  1. MetaMask will provide the TXID that you will use to finalize your swap request, Copy the TXID from your MetaMask and paste it onto the space provided on the ABBC Swap page, and click SUBMIT.
  1. As soon as you complete your transaction, you will be given a Request ID. Keep a copy of the Request ID as you need it to check your swap request’s status.

The full process of swapping your ABBC to WABBC and vice versa is easy and transparent. For more details, you can refer to this manual:

To start swapping, visit

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