ABBC Team Members Witness the Future Blockchain Summit 2019, Dubai

The second-leg of the Future Blockchain Summit(FBS) has kicked off at the Dubai World Trade Center last April 2-3, 2019.

Future Blockchain Summit 2019

Hosted by Smart Dubai, FBS is the world’s largest and most influential Blockchain festival which aimed to showcase many projects and discussions in relation to Blockchain technology and its impact on the different sectors of society. This internationally-acclaimed event was attended by around 14,000 visitors and delegates from around the world. Over 100 exhibitors and global speakers have participated in showcasing innovative projects, leading panel discussions, and conducting Blockchain technology workshops.

The event has given the delegates a great learning experience on how Blockchain’s application could greatly impact the lives of people. The ABBC team has immersed in and explored what the Blockchain technology holds for us in the future. The transition and implementation of Blockchain in various industries such as Government, Healthcare, Retail, Food, Transportation, and Supply Chain are the ones that impressed them the most. As a takeaway from the conference, ABBC delegates have determined that the general public would benefit from the convenience, affordability, safety, and reliance of distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks with regards to cross-border transactions, digital payments, payment processing, fraud management, and commerce.

Cryptocurrency was also one of the topics discussed in the event. One speaker said that the crypto industry’s horizontal structure, which involves the consensus process being done by validating transactions, makes it suitable for Blockchain, but the main problem is that the people lack technical and business skills that could lead to its mass adoption.

Blockchain Experience Like No Other

ABBC team did not miss this amazing opportunity and sent participants to engage and participate in the two-day convention. According to them, the organizers did a job well done in executing a smooth flow of events from start to finish. The luxurious set-up, delicious food, and high-tech facilities around the venue ensures a wonderful experience to everyone.

ABBC at Future Blockchain Summit 2019

Being a part of a Blockchain technology company, Elvi Correos and Lance Ebreo, ABBC’s Marketing Specialists, were excited to be part of this event. The informative discussions and fascinating talks delivered by the notable speakers have served as a mind-opening course about the emerging technology and its significant implications to the community.

Shahul Hameed, ABBC’s Digital Marketing Manager, was impressed with how the sessions in the open spaces were managed by running silent conferences. Through the use of headphones, delegates were able to hear the speakers loud and clear despite the noises among the halls.

Lemuel Capisinio and Zeeshan Butt, members of ABBC’s Marketing Design and Blockchain Developers teams took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the other delegates and share insights with one another. Being surrounded by a diverse set of people from different industries is a suitable time to make connections and build networks for future collaborations.

Is Blockchain Our Future?

“If Blockchain can be able to function in such a way that it will gain trust and interoperability, then it will be a great boost toward the global economy,” Surya Pratap, one of ABBC’s Blockchain Developers answered when asked about his view on the future of Blockchain.

Having limited prior knowledge about Blockchain, the event has been a pathway to enrich Shahul’s understanding of this technology. He also expressed his positive outlook, “I think Blockchain would be the future. This is an undeniable technology – like the internet.”

Considering the line between idealism and realism, Priyanka Sheethal, ABBC’s Email Team Manager has conveyed an important reminder that everyone should consider, “Technology always changes. Technology is developing every time. So, if a Blockchain will be able to maintain and update without failures and cope with security, they will surely be in the industry for a long time.”

Blockchain and Crypto are the Gateway for E-commerce Innovation

Beam Wallet’s CEO and Founder, Serdar Nurmammedov, underscored that the way we shop would change in the future once Blockchain tech has become widely accepted. In relation to that, ABBC is planning to create a global marketplace by partnering with major online shopping platforms including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Yahoo Mall, and Coupang Mall.

In addition, the ABBC Coin aims to establish itself as the primary digital currency when it comes to e-commerce transactions wherein customers can benefit from its high-technology features such as Facial Recognition and its Multi Crypto Wallet.

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