Aladdin Pro Wallet, A Multi-Asset Secured Crypto Wallet is Now Available!

Aladdin Pro Wallet is a secure and multi-asset blockchain wallet that provides the best crypto wallet security to its users. Users can benefit from this wallet’s easy-to-use interface, reliable storage, and modern security features.

ALADDIN PRO WALLET, A Multi-Asset Secured Crypto Wallet

Designed to be a well-protected digital wallet, the Aladdin Pro Wallet has multi-layered protection incorporating the following:

  • Unique Mobile Device Identification
  • Voice Verification
  • 6-Digit Transaction Passcode
  • Biometrics (Fingerprint, Iris Scan, Face Recognition)

Users will be assured that no one can access their account on another mobile device. In the event that any login attempts will be made from a new mobile device, the Aladdin Pro Wallet administrators will review the authenticity of the login request.

With the Aladdin Wallet Pro, users can keep track of their transaction statuses as it will be displayed on their dashboard. Additionally, real-time notifications will be available to inform the users of the latest updates within the app.

Users can also conduct multi-currency transactions as the Aladdin Pro Wallet also has extensive crypto asset support. ERC-20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies will be integrated within the wallet in the future.

Important Reminder: We advise all ABBC Coin users who still have balances on the MC and Aladdin Wallet to migrate their funds to the Aladdin Pro Wallet. All migration requests from this wallet will be accepted on December 1, 2019.

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