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A look into the UAE’s first Artificial Intelligence Summit

The first AI Everything Summit kicked off in Dubai from April 30th to May 1st, organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted by the UAE National Program for Artificial Intelligence in strategic partnership with Smart Dubai.

The summit aims to promote the implementations and breakthroughs of AI within various fields, including government, education, finance, tourism, retail, security, energy, and telecommunications.

The UAE Minister of State for AI, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, participated in a one-on-one discussion regarding governments in the age of AI. He expressed that the UAE intends to responsibly utilize AI to empower future generations by leading in AI-assisted governments, healthcare and education sectors, while creating the least disruptive impact on society.

UAE’s AI Strategy for 2031

Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has initiated a long-term plan to make the UAE the leader in the field of AI investments. This includes the creation of a new market, the formation of the UAE AI Council, and the integration of AI systems. This initiative aims to create several benefits such as reducing traffic and road accidents as well as improving the quality of education, forestation rates, medical diagnoses, and all-around efficiency.

The AI Everything Summit aims to accelerate the UAE’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence. The summit has free registration, inviting anyone interested in learning about the future. It also showcased AI-generated art pieces and a live band; a successful approach to creating a welcoming environment for non-tech attendees. The summit attempts to increase understanding by demonstrating how people affect and play a part in AI systems.

Inside the AI Summit

The ABBC team received insight into the implementations of facial recognition in multiple sectors. ABBC is currently developing facial recognition to accurately recognize the owner of the crypto by comparing the registered information embedded in the Blockchain. Every user will be able to access the wallet with their face, identified by Algorithm X-13.

Upon first entry, we knew we were at the right place due to the numerous robots roaming around. After attending several workshops, we noticed that the majority of speakers had a common take-away message: AI will ultimately enhance the roles that we do and become a part of our work life, rather than replace us. Whether the speakers came from a marketing, tech, or teaching background, they all agree that AI can be best utilized to perform low-level tasks which provides us with more free time, ultimately making way for human creativity and leadership roles.

Our mobile and web developer, Kanagaraj Chinnadurai, found the summit to be a “great opportunity to learn about AI technology in Robot Automation, VR, Traffic Monitoring and other current implementations”.

Here are some highlights of the workshops and panel discussions
  1. AI-powered approach to content curation for media by Senior Data Scientist, Lucy Wang from Buzzfeed, where she discussed several models for utilizing AI to create effective and impactful online content. Implementing AI eliminates mundane and time consuming tasks such as categorization of content, allowing employees to focus on creative elements.
  2. The first ad to be scripted by AI exhibited by Lexus General Manager, Michael Tripp. The Lexus AI system provided several key insights into the effectiveness of ads, such as the emphasis on emotions rather than speech to convey feeling and thought. AI also suggested the portrayal of human relationships rather than portraying an engineer and his car.
  3. AI approach to reshaping beauty marketing by Shiseido Global Head of Analytics, Amit Naik, where he discussed how facial recognition and other AI applications allow for more personalized experiences for customers such as customizable foundations based on unique skin tone.

Other keynote speakers included technical product managers from Facebook, data scientists from Google, AI artists, the head of ecosystem from Rolls Royce, Stanford professors, and countless more giving incredibly insightful workshops regarding the implementation of AI in everyday life, tailored to the everyday person.

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