ABBC Unleashes New Improved Crypto Wallet

We are excited to inform our users about the launch of a newly developed non-custodial wallet. It is engineered to surpass our previous MC Wallet and Aladdin Wallet in terms of security, performance, and usability by offering faster transactions and streamlined user experience for all cryptocurrency-based E-commerce transactions.

Aladdin Wallet Comming soon

By being a non-custodial wallet, only the wallet owner holds the keys to this wallet. Additionally, this wallet gives users the freedom to send, receive, and store their cryptocurrency, removing part of the security risk associated with custody wallets (wallets controlled by third party hosts.)

The new wallet that ABBC will be launching is a decentralized wallet which enables users to have full access over their cryptocurrencies by owning and holding their private key. ABBC will have no access to the user’s private key, ever!

ABBC’s Decentralized Wallet Guidelines

We kindly want to remind our users of the following:

    1. We are releasing a non-custodial wallet, which means that ABBC can never access users’ funds.
    2. We strongly recommend users to back up the private key of the new wallet and store it in a secure location.
    3. Your crypto wallet’s private key is the only way you can access your wallet and the currency held in your wallet. If you don’t have your key, you can’t access your money.
    4. Since this is a non-custodial wallet,you are in control of your funds. ABBC has fully redesigned the wallet to give you the flexibility and control needed to securely transact online.
    5. We recommend users write down their backup seed phrase and store it in a secure location in case of a stolen or lost mobile device. The backup seed phrase is used to recover your wallet.

ABBC Foundation is actively providing advanced and secured payment solutions to its users and this includes the continuous development of digital wallets — an essential tool for crypto users to store their cryptocurrencies, as well as monitor their funds.

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