ABBC Security Reminders: 7 Ways to Stay Secure Online

The ABBC Team is committed to our users’ constant safety and security. We consistently implement the latest security features within our network.

Educating our users on common security issues is an initiative that we partake in as you can never be too careful when browsing the internet. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of how you can stay secure when using the internet.

ABBC 7 Ways to Stay Secure Online
ABBC Security Reminders: 7 Ways to Stay Secure Online

These are basic guidelines meant to help our users remain attentive and alert every time they access the web. The blog covers the usual situations you encounter online that could make you vulnerable to hacking or other security attacks.

1. Handing Over Sensitive Information

Being told not to hand over sensitive information is a common reminder we seem to have been told countless times. Despite that, some users still become victims of this incident as they are not cautious of why their private information details are being asked from them.

Attackers have continuously adjusted their tactics to come up with different ways to get your information one way or another. No matter the circumstances, do not share any sensitive information to unverified platforms or untrusted people.

Do not disclose any form of your identification online, unless it is required to by any legally-bound individual or entities.

2. Clicking Links in Emails

Many of us have received emails that include links to websites in reference to something we’ve searched online. You won’t be able to know where that link will lead you unless you go ahead and click it. When curiosity strikes, we often click it without even thinking about what it could lead us to.

We advise our users to be very careful in these types of situations. If it happens that the email containing the link is from someone you don’t recognize or are unfamiliar with, do not click the link.

Often referred to as “phishing,” these links just acquire your private account details in just one click. In other cases, that link could contain malware that could destroy your device and/or breach your database.

3. Avoid Get Cheated by Online Fraudsters

We always keep our user’s safety on top of our priority list. We make sure to keep you informed of any security concerns that you may encounter to keep you and your crypto assets protected.

Please be cautious of any emails you might receive that provides special offers for purchasing ABBC Coin.

Kindly bear in mind the following precautionary measures:

  • ABBC will never conduct any form of token sales. Follow our official channels to stay up-to-date of any important notices.
  • ABBC will never ask users to personally deposit any amount of ABBC Coin to a specific wallet address. We do not have any wallet address for crowdfunding and other related schemes.
  • ABBC will never conduct any exclusive promotional campaigns via email marketing. Check out our official announcements for any promotional campaigns like giveaways, airdrops, etc.

Always carefully read the content of the email. Be hesitant if the message pertains to any sensitive information like money transfer, data sharing, payment transaction, and account details validation. Cross-check all details before trusting any message that might lead you to lose your funds and cryptocurrencies.

If you have received any suspicious emails regarding ABBC Coin, please do not hesitate to report it to the Email Support Team.

4. Trusting Unidentified Personnel

We have been warned as kids not to talk to strangers, and this could also be applicable online.

Attackers can approach you via an online chat, maybe pretending to represent some notable organization or just starting to establish the first contact.

Attackers may also impersonate someone that you recognize and may attempt to persuade you to hand out information.

Always be cautious with unrecognized parties and be alert for any type of suspicious behavior. Do some background checks if necessary or just notice small details like typographical errors, proper use of English, and accuracy of the information they provide you.

5. Avoid Suspicious Websites

Scam messages and websites have developed in such a way that sometimes you really can’t tell which is the real from the fake. Most of these illegitimate websites have some telltale signs such as typographical errors and websites that might seem professional, but with a little investigation, contain flaws. Consistent observation is key in these situations.

Be very cautious when encountering pop-ups or links that express giveaways or contests you’ve won (for contests you’ve never entered).
In terms of our own social media accounts, be aware that we never hand out free cryptos such as BTC and ETH. No matter the amount, do not trust any messages that make that claim.

Moreover, we never ask our users for their wallet addresses in public and we urge our users not to reveal such confidential information in any public posts or comment section.

6. Checking Fake Accounts

Social media websites are swarming with fake accounts. May they be a person or a company, users of these sites should be very mindful when encountering these false accounts.

In our case, we have encountered and reported fake ABBC accounts that have put in place our name and logo and continued to impersonate us.
As a response, we have been rigorously doing social media monitoring to ensure that all ABBC-related fake accounts are reported immediately.

We advise our users to do some investigation when encountering these fake accounts. If you are suspicious of an account, click on it and see the information that comes along with it. Also, check out how active they are and what kinds of posts they have been posting. Most of these false accounts would have been created not too long ago and they aren’t very active when it comes to posting content.

7. Saving Login Information

Saving your login information makes accessing your accounts a breeze. In most cases, you can just type the URL to social media accounts and your account is already logged in and waiting.

If you happen to log out, you will still see your email and password already generated when you’re ready to log back in. This is something that many users take part in, mostly on their personal devices.

We advise our users to steer away from the appeal of saving your login information. Even if it’s your own personal device, you can’t guarantee that it won’t fall into the wrong hands. It’s the same piece of advice we give to our Aladdin Wallet users — write down your mnemonic phrase and keep it somewhere safe. Besides that, never save your login information when using a web browser. This can also prevent hackers from discovering and compromising your system.


We want you to have a safe and convenient online experience at all times. The above-mentioned guidelines may not be applied to every situation but it provides information to keep you aware of possible security threats you may encounter.

Keep your account credentials confidential and always practice the “think before you click” habit to avoid any unfortunate instances of account hacking and manipulation.

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