ABBC’s Official Scam Advisory: Crypto User Is Our Priority

Nowadays, accessing the online web is so much easier that almost anyone can navigate it or use it at their convenience. Buying your favorite brand online to avoid the holiday rush and the long waiting queue is just one of the great things that the internet can provide.

ABBC Official Scam Advisory
ABBC Official Scam Advisory

Imagine how influential and effective the internet can be if it’s used wisely and responsibly.

But in reality, since anyone can have the freedom of using the internet, people often tend to misuse it for malicious purposes. There are many people who will try to trick you into giving your sensitive information or accessing your account. This is evident, especially in cryptocurrency communities.

It may be scary as it sounds, but do not be discouraged. You just have to be mindful and skeptical of what you read or encounter on the internet.

We at ABBC always keep our community’s safety on top of our priority list. We want to make sure that you are informed about the possible dangers that you can encounter online that might affect you and your crypto’s safety.

Here we will tackle the most common scams that might target you, as well as other types of fraudulent activities you must stay away from.

Scam Comments

The most common among the squad is scam comments.

From a general perspective, in any posts you see online, usually on Facebook, there are tons of users who drop their comments about a certain post. It may have piqued their interest or they want to share something sensible about the topic that the post is about.

Among this crowd are fake accounts, automated bots, and ordinary users who intend to divert the public’s attention to their comments. Oftentimes, the scam comments are not directly connected to what the post or image relays.

The same applies to cryptocurrency communities. Fake accounts run wild and free on commenting about unrealistic giveaways or promotions that seem to be legit. What is very alarming is, a lot of people ride along with this scheme by commenting back and saying that they have received these free cryptos.

A scam comment about an exchange listing giveaway
A scam comment about an exchange listing giveaway

The image above is an example of a fake ABBC account that has commented on one of our own posts. It is obviously misleading as the account has the same name and photo as our official account, and it is true that ABBC is partnered with DigiFinex.


But always keep in mind that ABBC never does this kind of promotion. We will never do public giveaways and promotions of BTC, ETH, LTC, and other cryptocurrencies. We will also never ask our users to deposit in any wallet address in exchange for any rewards.

A scam comment about a fake BTC giveaway
A scam comment about a fake BTC giveaway

The above image is another example of a well-executed malicious scheme. Scam comments like these use a huge amount to attract any crypto user immediately. But if you are vigilant to assess these types of comments, you will understand that 100 BTC will never be given away in such a simple and uncomplicated manner.


ABBC will never conduct this type of promotion. Any giveaway or airdrop event that we might organize in the future will only be done through official announcements and newsletters.

A scam comment with a fake link
A scam comment with a fake link

Recently, we are getting scam comments that simply include a link. We are advising all of our users never to click or open this link as those who did reportedly lost their crypto assets. We will not be held liable for any cases of stolen ABBC that might result in this.

There are also poser accounts from our own team members that are being used to manipulate our users in believing that this giveaway is true. We want you to be extra cautious and read any comments or posts carefully.

A scam comment about a fake partnership and giveaway
A scam comment about a fake partnership and giveaway

Aside from the main ABBC page, we are also getting scam comments on our official Aladdin Wallet account. In the image above you can see that the fake account has announced a partnership with Libra Coin, together with a BTC depositary address.


ABBC will never announce any established partnerships through social comments. We will never ask our users to participate in any giveaway by sending any amount of crypto to a certain wallet address.


To help us keep our community safe and secure, you can directly report any scam comments you may see or send us a screenshot through our official account.

Fake Pages/Accounts/Websites

It is a necessity for a business or company to create a social media page or account. Facebook pages, for one, is the main source of information regarding the latest happenings or updates about an organization. It is maintained regularly by posting announcements, polls, videos, and other types of engaging content to keep the target audience well-informed.

In our case, a lot of fake pages and accounts are being made to mislead the people. Even though ABBC is not as prominent as the top leading cryptos in the market, there are still individuals who want to take advantage of the reputation that we are building.

There are several things you can keep in mind to detect if the page or account is fake:


  • 1. Check the name or username.
  • 2. Check the number of likes or followers.
  • 3. Check the number of posts, and the latest posts.
  • 4. Check the date when the page was created.


Fake ABBC Twitter accounts
Fake ABBC Twitter accounts

The images above are examples of the fake accounts we have on Twitter. As you can see the usernames of these accounts are variation from our official account. Be mindful of any special characters or spaces in the names.

Fake Aladdin Wallet page
Fake Aladdin Wallet page

Our official accounts are ABBC Coin, ABBC Foundation, and Aladdin Wallet with the following social media usernames:

ABBC Foundation:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube – @abbcfoundation
Instagram – @abbccoin

Aladdin Wallet:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram – @aladdinwallet

As of the time of writing, the majority of our followers are from Facebook (14,526 followers) and Twitter (4,611 followers). This is one significant factor to consider when checking if a page or account is fake. Newly created pages cannot instantly have thousands of followers.

Fake ABBC Coin page
Fake ABBC Coin page

In the images above, you can see a fake page that has just been created. It is among those accounts that have been leaving scam comments on our official posts.

If you assess this page, you can easily see that it is fake because it was just recently made, with no existing followers and likers. Most likely, it doesn’t have any posts as well. These are the red flags you must keep yourself aware of at all times.

Fake email account and website
Fake email account and website

There are also instances wherein our users are approached directly through fake email or poser accounts. In the images above, the user has received an email from [email protected], which is looking similar to our official tech support email. While one user has reported a message that has been sent by someone who is acting as a representative of Aladdin Wallet.


Keep in mind that our official tech support email is [email protected] and the official website of Aladdin Wallet is Other emails and websites are duplicates and are not under the authority of the ABBC Foundation.


Sometimes, we tend to overlook these kinds of matters. It is important for us to form a habit of inspecting any messages we might receive that look suspicious or unverified. We advise our community members to report these fake accounts and send us a screenshot of any message you think is shady.

Fake ABBC Wallet website
Fake ABBC Wallet website

The above image is a screenshot from a fake ABBC Wallet webpage ( Opting to get the personal information of our users, this website copied our branding for its own malicious intent.


Keep in mind that our official website is only The ABBC Wallet is only available through official App stores and does not have any web/desktop versions.


In case you find any other fake websites pretending to be us, kindly report it to us at once. We do not want anyone within the community to be fooled or even experience asset robbery or identity theft.

Fake Emails

Another approach of scammers is sending fake emails.

Either by using a similar email account or hacking your own account, emails imitating a brand can be distributed to the customers or users. A recent case of this has been reported to us by one of our media partners.

He has received an email sent on our behalf regarding a special promotional sale of ABBC, exclusive for the media. The sender stated that to be able to join this promotion, the ABBC Wallet should be downloaded and the wallet address must be sent upon replying to the message.

Fake email sent to media contacts
Fake email sent to media contacts

Please be cautious of any emails you might receive that provides special offers for purchasing ABBC Coin. We are not affiliated with these messages and the individuals responsible for this malicious activity.

Kindly bear in mind the following precautionary measures:

  1. 1. ABBC will never conduct any form of sales to an exclusive audience. We will not hold any token sales without providing any official announcements. If any token sales will be released, clear mechanics will be given to all our users.
  2. 2. ABBC will never ask users to send any confidential information like their ABBC Wallet address. We will never ask our users to provide any confidential information like their ABBC Wallet address for any promotional campaigns or giveaways. We are aware that sharing this data is a high potential risk of exposing our user’s private details.
  3. 3. ABBC will never conduct any private marketing campaigns via email. Our marketing campaigns that might include airdrop events are open to all our users. Official announcements with detailed information will be announced first through our social media accounts and will be further disseminated through email blasts.

We advise everyone to give their full attention when reading any emails or messages you might receive, not only from us but in general. You might be deceived of the content without checking the credibility of its sender.

Do some background check about any information included in the email before you proceed in doing any necessary actions. But remember that any transactions should not be conducted carelessly for you to avoid getting your crypto stolen.

Related to email cybersecurity issues are phishing attempts. Based on statistics, phishing attempts have grown 65% in the last year. A phishing attempt is often made through emails with attached links trying to get the personal data of its victim. Usernames, passwords, card details, and addresses are just some of the bits of information that can be gathered through phishing.

In line with this, we advise our users to avoid clicking any links sent to your mail. These links may also cause your device any dangerous malware that can even cause further damage. If you are interested to know about the content of the link, go to the official website associated with the link to check and confirm its authenticity.

Follow these four simple tips to stay away from phishing:

  • Think before you click.
  • Longer passwords are better.
  • Do not share your account details.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi connections.
Fake Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps
Fake Cryptocurrency Mobile Apps

Another dirty trick that scammers can play to snatch a chunk of your info and funds is through creating a fake mobile app. This app might be available in Android and iOS devices and will imitate the functionalities and look of the original app. If you are not familiar with the app, you might have a harder time identifying which one is true from the fake.

These fake apps, once downloaded, can aggressively harvest credentials, intercept sensitive data, and worst is corrupt your funds. Although stakeholders can often quickly find and identify this fake app and erase them to avoid continuous circulation, that doesn’t mean that these apps are not impacting many bottom lines. In fact, thousands of people have already downloaded fake cryptocurrency apps, according to Bitcoin News.

We advise our users to be skeptical about any mobile applications you will install. Our official wallet, ABBC Mobile, for example, is available in both the Google Play Store and iOS Apple store. Do not be deceived by other wallet applications that might have the same name.

Aladdin Wallet for Android
Aladdin Wallet for Android
ABBC Mobile for iOS
ABBC Mobile for iOS

A Friendly Advice

The digital landscape is vast, and with everyone having access to almost anything on the internet, it is necessary to be keen and pay attention to details on the messages and posts you see on a daily basis. Prevention is better than cure in terms of getting hacked, so we want you to be aware of the many possibilities that you might be victimized.

We have given you security tips on how to stay secure online. We hope that this comprehensive blog about scam comments, fake pages, fraud accounts, phishing, and fake mobile apps can serve as your reminder to be protected.

We value each of our crypto user’s security as a priority. Keep in touch with us for any security problems you may have encountered that we haven’t tackled.

Be smart, stay safe so you can enjoy to hodl or trade.

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