ABBC Foundation Charity: “Love and Loyalty for Zayed Giving”

In collaboration with the Department of Protective Security & Emergency – Dubai Police, ABBC Foundation (ABBC) took part in the Zayed Humanitarian Work Day celebration held on May 24, 2019 at Shabab Al Ahli Club, Dubai. Commemorated every 19th day of Ramadan, this day is dedicated to honoring late Sheikh Zayed’s great efforts in humanitarian work.

ABBC is one with this man in remembering Sheikh Zayed, the first President of the UAE.
Photo credit: Lemuel Capisinio

Gathered around the vastness of Shabab Al Ahli Club’s field, the spirit of enthusiasm was present during the night of the event. The program formally started by the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah, the first chapter of the Quran. Selected participants also performed songs and poems in honor of late Sheikh Zayed’s legacy and the beauty and significance of generosity.

The Dubai Police also encouraged participation with the audience through interactive games. In a simultaneous manner, everyone was in high spirits while playing. The children jumped their way to the finish line at the sack relay while selected students from the Ministry of Education were having a friendly competition during the unity challenge. After which, the elderly people played a game of tug-of-war wherein they proved their strength despite the years that have gone by. The camaraderie of every participant made the game fun and exciting for the cheering audience in the background.

Showing hospitality and warmth to everyone, volunteers from ABBC Foundation and other institutions were roaming around the area to give out free food and water. For those who preferred coffee, there was a free iced coffee stall available to quench the thirst of the attendees. The children were also entertained by two cute mascots who wandered around to play with the kids.

Participants are given free coffee during the event, courtesy of City Cafe.
Photo credit: Shadi Ahmad Al-Rayan

Among the highlights of the event were the gift giving to the participants, the recognition ceremony of sponsors and partners led by Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Director General of the Department of Protective Security & Emergency – Dubai Police, and the display of hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes formed as a silhouette of Sheikh Zayed’s appearance.

Emiratis remember Sheikh Zayed through a creative arrangement using Rubik’s cubes.
Photo credit: Shadi Ahmad Al-Rayan

Giving is caring

The Humanitarian Work Day is one of the biggest charity events sponsored by ABBC so far. With the theme, “Love and Loyalty for Zayed Giving,” ABBC has put together gifts and giveaways for all the participants.

There were white shirts and caps distributed to everyone before the start of the event.

This kid has a very big shirt — and cap — to fill. Sheikh Zayed has dedicated the best parts of his life to help take the UAE to where it is now.
Photo credit: Lemuel Capisinio

Lined up in an organized manner, gift packs were set to be given once the team has arrived at the venue. ABBC shared simple yet meaningful gifts to our participants from different walks of life – children, elderlies, labor workers, and people with determination.

Gifts prepared by the ABBC Foundation are ready to be given out to the participants.
Photo credit: Elvi Correos

There were hygiene kits for the workers; clothes, coloring materials, and notebooks for the kids; and perfumes, ghutrah, and traditional Emirati outfits for the people with determination. Additionally, the Dubai Police sponsored TIME watches for the elderlies.

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi personally expresses his goodwill to persons with determination.
Photo credit: Shadi Ahmad Al-Rayan

Giving these gifts is part of ABBC’s duty to the community. Seeing how happy the people were upon receiving these simple tokens of love encourages ABBC to continue serving those who are in need.

Mariem hands out the gifts to the participants toward the end of the event.
Photo credit: Shadi Ahmad Al-Rayan

Heart-warming experience

The ABBC team showed enthusiasm and support during the event. All hands were busy from the preparation, actual event coverage, and gift distribution. The charity wouldn’t have been made possible without the efforts of the team as facilitated by Mariem Sarhali, ABBC’s Head of Charity.

ABBC Foundation members prepare the gifts for the charity event.
Photo credit: Lemuel Capisinio

ABBC’s Marketing Manager, Suresh Kannan, spoke in front of the crowd and represented ABBC’s stand regarding philanthropic activities. He affirmed by saying that ABBC is a company that practices the culture of giving and all the staff are encouraged to give and care for others. “This is a huge part of who we are as a company,” he declared.

Mr. Suresh Kannan receives ABBC’s plaque of recognition from Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi.
Photo credit: Shadi Ahmad Al-Rayan

On the other hand, ABBC’s Cyber Security Manager, Muhammad Shahbaz, expressed his approval regarding the efforts made by the company. He correlated the nature of blockchain to the concept of giving. “The purpose of blockchain is to make the world a better place. I believe that we’re on the right track and we have contributed to this wonderful event.”

Compassionate service to the community

ABBC’s Content Team Manager, Ezra Reguerra, also shared his insights about the event. As one of the employees who have been part of ABBC since the beginning, he witnessed the company’s initiatives in doing charities in a consistent basis. “I had a really nice experience, and I know that ABBC will be doing this again soon.”

Indeed, we will. The charity initiatives of ABBC do not stop here. We have already sponsored many charity events that help the most underprivileged and challenged members of our society to nurture hope for the arrival of a new and better way. In our own simple way, we will pave the way for a more seamless and secure payment system.

In the near future, ABBC will continue to share its love and compassion to the community. Despite being a technology company, ABBC does not forget its social responsibility. Instead, it will continue to be in constant service to the people who are in need.


This Zayed Humanitarian Work Day event served its purpose in commemorating the late ruler’s legacy of benevolence and generosity. As an important highlight during Ramadan, this charity was covered by different media entities within UAE’s jurisdiction, including Khaleej Times and Gulf Today.

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