ABBC Foundation Charity: “Everybody Needs Someone”

Last October 26, 2019, the ABBC Foundation team visited the Senses Residential and Daycare for Special Needs in Umm Suqeim, Dubai to participate in a charity event. The event was able to spread love and happiness to the children of determination residing at the Senses Center.

ABBC Foundation Charity
ABBC Foundation Charity for Special Need Children

In ABBC, we motivate our staff to manifest respect, love, and humility to each and everyone because these determine not just who we are as individuals but also who we are as a company, and the kind of society we want to create.

This particular event marked another unforgettable experience for our team as we spent our time with the children, supported them throughout all the activities, and expressed our compassion by making them feel precious and important, in the best way that we could.

ABBC Foundation Charity
ABBC has joined hands with Senses Center in sharing love and affection to children of determination

Senses Residential and Daycare Center

The Senses Residential and Daycare Center is a non-profit organization that provides support to youth’s special needs within the UAE and the Middle East. It stands to be the first and only residential care facility that focuses on children and young adults with severe physical and learning difficulties.

The Senses Center is composed of professionals that sincerely offer services such as physical, occupational, speech, and sensory therapies, which all play an important role in a child’s progress, comfort, and development. Special education, art, games, and outdoor activities are also areas where the organization puts most of their funds, time, and effort in.

The organization was founded in 2005 by Emirati Nadia Khalil Al Sayegh, who has around 20 years of experience in the Ministry of Community Development (previously the Department of Labour and Social Affairs). With her warmth and affection to children with special needs, she established a place for these children to be taken care of.

According to one Filipina social worker in Senses, experiencing the children’s laughter and seeing the smiles on their faces is what keeps the Senses team motivated and encouraged in making a wonderful and special world that continuously supports and cares for the children.

A Day Jam-Packed With Fun

Remember when we were still kids and we used to play outside with our neighbors during the afternoon, and even up until night time. When you fall and cry after running mindlessly across the street without any huge worries than being scolded by your parents for the scars you’ll surely have on your knees.

These are just some of the great experiences that seemed to resonate during the activities held at the Senses Center. Led by Mr. Ahmed Atef, a dynamic sports teacher within the facility, the wide-open space within the complex was filled with a cheerful and enthusiastic vibe as the ABBC team, together with some of the children and community volunteers, held hands together.

ABBC Foundation Charity
Mr. Ahmed Atef, a Dynamic Sports Teacher of Senses

Everyone was on their feet, running around in circles, guiding each other carefully, and showing bright smiles as Mr. Ahmed continued to inspire each individual to move and keep up the energy. Different kinds of games such as tug-of-war, pass the ball, and musical chairs were done that built camaraderie and connection between our team members and the children.

ABBC Foundation Charity
Build a Connection between our Team Members and the Children

Aside from the enjoyable games, some talented children and members of the Senses Center also made a special participation by dancing and singing — providing an amusing and entertaining performance for the audience.

ABBC Foundation Charity
Challenge will never impair the spirit

A more literal way of sharing our sweetness to the Senses community, we also had a cake cutting ceremony. Led by ABBC CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the colorful and vibrant cake embodies the love and happiness the team intends to share with the children and staff.

ABBC Foundation Charity
The Colorful and Vibrant Cake Embodies The Love and Happiness

To A Greater Purpose

After the stimulating activities and lovely presentations, Mr. Mohamed Imbrahim, ABBC’s Charity Coordinator has started to deliver his message of appreciation for the Senses Center, and what it has been doing for the youth, and ABBC, for the time they have spared during the event and its generous donation to the organization.

ABBC Foundation Charity
ABBC Charity Donation to the Special Need Children

ABBC CEO Jason himself also graced the stage of his presence. He also spent his time with the children and making them feel appreciated. He expressed his gratitude to Ms. Nadia and the whole team working relentlessly within the Senses Center.

We at ABBC also want to leave such an impact on society. As a financial tech company, we want to make the world more efficient and sustainable. In line with this, we want to reach out to more people through this kind of collaboration.

ABBC Foundation Charity
ABBC CEO Jason expressed his gratitude to Ms. Nadia

As the ABBC team immerses in the community and surround ourselves with people that aim to make the world a better place, we can uphold a unique sense of purpose and learn a lot more about how the world works.

On the other hand, Ms. Nadia was also present during the charity to graciously welcome our team and personally give thanks to ABBC CEO Jason and the cheque donation the company has given to Senses. During the interview, she is filled with joy in the kind of community cooperation this charity has presented.

Companies with good hands and compassionate hearts motivate us and make us feel that we are not the only one; that there are others who want to take care of these children.

With the support of the UAE governance and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as well, Ms. Nadia assures that the children of determination receive a high quality of education, programs, support materials, and advanced healthcare.

The Senses Center is very much open for volunteers and assistance from other organizations. She believes that having another helping hand will make her vision of addressing the special needs more prosperous in the long run. This is also the reason why she was really grateful for ABBC’s presence and financial donation.

I would be happier if ABBC Foundation will not stop at this moment, but to keep on doing great humanitarian work to beautiful kids.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who participated in this charity event. This will not be the last as we aim to collaborate with organizations that serve a bigger purpose of making a difference in the world. In the Senses Center, they aim to be that “someone” for the children who might feel hopeless. By giving them quality care and support, these children will get the affection and love that they deserve — just like everyone else.

ABBC Foundation Charity
Aim To Be That “Someone” Who Might Feel Hopeless

We will continue to focus on what our goal is as a company, while also doing our responsibility as good citizens and individuals of the Dubai community. As we aim to be that “someone” for our users in ensuring their payment security, feel free to share with us any experiences you might have before of being that “someone” for a friend, stranger, or your relatives.

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