ABBC Finds its way Into the Film Industry With UBERMENSCH

ABBC Foundation is proud to announce its new partnership with UBERMENSCH, a film production and creative studio based in New York and Copenhagen. ABBC continues to add more depth to their diverse lineup of global collaborations as the company enters a new territory within the film industry— hoping not only to gain exposure but show support to the culture of film and television.

The cryptocurrency company has confirmed plans of funding UBERMENSCH’s new series which revolves around the history of Christiania, an infamous free-state. Christiania, a state in Denmark is known for internationally-famous personalities, tourists and everyday Danes. Christiania has it all—celebrities, hippies, mobs, and notoriously, police violence. There’s a movie plot somewhere in the city every day with the only thing missing is a camera to capture it frame by frame. It would be a shame if people aren’t aware of the stories the state can tell. Which is why ABBC and UBERMENSCH have formed an alliance to produce a film that will raise awareness to the other side of the world.

With the support of ABBC, UBERMENSCH will be able to showcase the hidden gem of a story that among the streets and walls of Christiania. The series hopes to bring light to the citizens of Christiania and also to keep the hope of original content alive. Although this is not the first time a collaboration like this has existed, it is a business strategy that can show how technology and culture can produce something beautiful with endless potential.

ABBC aims to expand its scope to different industries as it paves its way to success within the crypto world. CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip stated that:

We want to create something beautiful here. The main reason we agreed to join forces with UBERMENSCH was to bring awareness to the state of Christiania. We are ecstatic to have partners from all over the world and proud to attain a company like UBERMENSCH.

As seen recently, ABBC has established strategic partnerships with prestigious companies including gaming firm UbiFun; tech giants Lunar Digital Asset and Deep Dive Technology; and CSR companies like Beacon and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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