ABBC Coin Listing on Coinsuper

We are thrilled to announce that ABBC Coin can now be traded on Coinsuper!

Deposit and trading start on October 8, 2018, while withdrawals are available on October 9, 2018.

Coinsuper is a crypto-trading platform that offers cryptocurrency holders to sell and purchase cryptocurrency in a very easy and convenient way. The trading platform is created by a team of world-class financial industry veterans from HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Ant Financial, and Sohu. The team designed the exchange not only for the present time but also for the future.

What separates Coinsuper from the other trading platform is its fiat channel that provides a diverse range of trading pairs and supports fiat to virtual asset trading services. Another is its trading technology where advance trading tools and sophisticated risk management tools are provided.

In an attempt to provide a better service to all the users of the trading platform, the Coinsuper exchange continues to develop technology that provides users a fast, smooth, and secure experience when using the trading platform.

Furthermore, the trading platform charge makers and takers the same fees. The platform fee model referred to as the ‘Flat fee model’ is set for as low as 0.20%, which is in line with the global industry average. In addition to that, the trading platform charge 0.0005BTC for the withdrawal fee when you cash out BTC.

Together with Coinsuper, ABBC can expand its revolutionized and transparent technology to our Asian market. This partnership will strengthen the ABBC community and will open more opportunities to progress further in the future.

Coinsuper Summary

  • Exchange Name: Coinsuper
  • Native Token: Coinsuper Ecosystem Network (CEN)
  • Co-Founder: Karen Chen
  • Date of Launch: February 2018
  • HQ Location: Hongkong
  • Trading Pairs: BTC/ETH/EOS/TRX

CoinMarketCap Exchange Ranking By Trade Volume (as of the time of writing): 48

Keep in touch with us for more updates regarding our developments and partner exchanges!

Happy trading!

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