ABBC Avalanche Network (AVABBC) Listed on Multiple DEXs

ABBC was able to achieve an array of key milestones in only a short period. These achievements, however, wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment and support of the ABBC community. Here’s a look at our newest achievement:

ABBC Coin on the Avalanche Network (AVABBC) Now Listed on 5 Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs):

  • Trader Joe
  • Pangolin

Trading Pair: AVABBC/USDC

  • Lydia Finance
  • YetiSwap
  • Elk Finance

Trading Pair: AVABBC/USDT.e

Additionally, these DEXs offer high-level security to their users, making them a highly popular option globally. Similarly, traders and investors will benefit from the wide selection of cryptocurrencies offered by these platforms.

Furthermore, these exchanges have a large spot trading market with over a hundred trading pairs available on each DEX. On the other hand, some of these exchanges offer competitive trading fees as well. Also, low trading fees are provided by the Fee Tier System. As an extra bonus, the network offers rebates to users for providing deep liquidity.

Likewise, each of these decentralized exchanges has its unique benefits. For instance, in addition to fast and cost-efficient trades, YetiSwap offers a fair and open token distribution system. NFT artists and collectors alike benefit from YetiSwap, the only marketplace that offers royalties on Avalanche.

Lastly, we recommend using Aladdin and Aladdin Pro wallets for ABBC Swap. As an added precaution, please follow the instructions in the AVABBC Swap manual to ensure smooth transactions.

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